WiFi Solutions for both Office & Home ...

In the modern day, we are spending more time at home vs the office than ever before. WFH (work from home) is becoming the normal. One of the big issues is not all routers supplied by your internet providers can provide good / reliable Wi-Fi service. 

It is a fact that the internet now plays a major part in many of these daily routines, which is why a solid network installation has never been so important.

 We believe that internet connection should not have to be a consideration in the modern age. Many Office / Home solutions don’t offer the coverage you require, talk to us about expanding your coverage, making the connection fast & reliable .

Is a MESH setup right for you?

Mesh Wi-Fi is a way of networking to extend your Wi-Fi coverage all over your Office / home under one Wi-Fi name. One of the big benefits is you can cover your whole premises —without leaving any dead zones

Office: Providing coverage to remote area of the business 

Home: Nothing worse than relaxing in your garden or hot tub & having no Wi-Fi signal …..

Our Solutions have the option of Managed or unmanaged packages 
Ceiling Mounted
Deco Access Points